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Oceans S2 Supersonic

Introducing a next gen dive computer, adding a new dimension to scubadiving: buddy communication.

An all-new timeline.

The redesigned timeline highlights stunning check-ins and photos from around the world.

Dive centers You can now tag a dive center to your dive. Oceans will suggest nearby dive centers, if you can't find it, just add it to Oceans database of 1000s of dive centers and sites.

Dive tagging When a buddy tags you in a dive, you can instantly add it to your logbook with a tap of a button.

Automagic colors.

Color in underwater photos tends to disappear with increased depths, leaving blue and green tinted images.

Color grading Oceans uses deep learning to automatically color correct photos, restoring all the true hues to your underwater shots. Clown fish have never looked better!

Better with time Oceans is constantly improving the color algorithms and will continue to use deep learning and AI to make your photos look stunning!


With Oceans S1 Supersonic, the dive computer with built–in buddy communications, all your dive data will be wirelessly imported into your logbook, together with depth profiles, temperatures, gas mix and buddy pings.

Heatmap The profile tab also features a world view with a heat map of all dive sites you have checked-in. Make it glow!


Explore a world of oceans...

Together with a worldwide community of divers, we're co-creating a map of the global ocean's teeming life, vivid habitats and fragile environment for anyone to explore.

The Discover tab let's you roam the world's oceans in search for your next adventure. Find out the best spot for whale sharks, a manta ray cleaning station, or colonies of playful sea lions. Let's start planning for future dive trips!

...and share your diving adventures.

Oceans intelligently knows where you are and makes logging your sites and observations fast and intuitive. Offline mode allows for check-in even where mobile networks are off limit. Sharing oceanic endeavors has never been easier.

Your log book will always be with you — safely stored in the cloud — and ready to be shared with friends and family wondering what's life under water is like.

Automagically restore your photos true colors.

Over the last 4 year, we have been color correcting 100s of #DiveoftheWeek highlights in Oceans. Now, we're making it possible for everyone to restore true colors to your underwater photos with a tap of a button. Just tap the filter icon after adding photos, and watch the magic!

Oceans is constantly improving the color algorithms and will continue to use deep learning and AI to make your photos look even more stunning!


Connect and sync with Oceans S1 Supersonic.

With the all-new Oceans S1 Supersonic, the dive computer with built-in buddy communications, syncing of dives to Oceans is easier than ever.

Dive profiles, temps, gas mix and buddy pings are imported to Oceans via Bluetooth. When running low on battery, S1 charges wirelessly using any Qi standard charger.


Join the Oceans community.

Get free the app, and join us together with tens of thousands of divers and ocean explorers around the world.


The Oceans app is available for iOS and Android.


All weekends:

The timeline highlights some of the best dives from all of Oceans. Every weekend, one dive is selected #DiveoftheWeek, and featured on Oceans' Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds followed by over 40,000 ocean champions worldwide.

#DiveoftheYear Awards
— the grand finale.

Out of all #DiveoftheWeek highlights, one is selected #DiveoftheYear by Oceans' ambassador Fabien Cousteau. The winner in 2022 was Jonathan Amato.

“The green sea turtle is the largest of seven species of sea turtles, and lives in tropical waters all around the world. Like other sea turtles, they migrate long distances between feeding grounds and hatching beaches and are listed as endangered. This year’s winner was greeted by a happy Hawaiian green turtle, which population have made a remarkable comeback lately thanks to conservation efforts and habitat protection. Congratulations Jonathan Amato, you are the winner of the Dive of the Year Awards 2022, and congrats to the runner-ups Gian and Audrey!⁣ ”Fabien Cousteau

Check out the full video of Fabien Cousteau announcing the Award winners. Dive of the Year Awards will be back again in 2023, stay tuned!


Meet Fabien Cousteau

We are thrilled to announce that aquanaut, filmmaker, TED speaker and environmental advocate Fabien Cousteau is joining Oceans.

As the first grandson of ocean exploration pioneer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Fabien spent his early years aboard his famous grandfather’s ship, the Calypso, and learnt how to scuba dive on his fourth birthday. Fabien champions the Cousteau legacy of exploration, and will work with Oceans in its efforts to increase awareness of the global ocean’s environment and habitats together with our users and ambassadors around the world.

Fabien Cousteau: “Oceans use of digital tools to gather crowd sourced data is a fantastic way to learn and increase awareness of the changes in the global ocean’s environment.
I’m looking forward to joining this amazing community of ocean explorers and working together for a better understanding of the problems facing the underwater world we all love.”

In 2016 Fabien founded the Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center to fulfill his dream of creating a vehicle to make a positive change in the world.

UN SDG14 and the Environment

Oceanic Citizen Science

Oceans goal is to make the underwater world universally accessible to everyone. We believe digital technology is a great way to reach this goal, and creating awareness of a world otherwise hidden to most of us.

With Oceans 2.0, introducing features to log environmental reports and observations, we are building a platform for citizen science, allowing our global user base to act as a crowd sourced team of field workers, together collecting vast amounts of oceanic data — and enabling visual projections on the health and state of marine habitats.*

Coral Bleaching

90% of the Great Barrier Reef is hit by coral bleaching — killing almost one third of the reef’s coral due to global warming and ocean acidification caused by human CO2 emissions.

Plastic Pollution

Without change, the oceans is expected to contain more plastic than fish in 2050. One example is the Great Pacific garbage patch, a collection of marine debris at the size of Texas, and spans waters from the West Coast of North America to Japan.

Illegal Fishing

Over the last 30 years, 90% of the ocean’s shark population has been wiped out, leaving over one third of all species endangered. Illegal fishing is the main reason for the decrease in shark population.

* Oceans will use crowd sourced anonymized and non-personal observations to visualize the global ocean's environment starting in 2020.

Team Oceans

Oceans was founded in 2014 with a mission to make the underwater world universally accessible to anyone, everywhere. Together with our ambassadors and tens of thousands of ocean champions, we are co-creating the number one global community for divers and ocean explorers around the world — Join us!

Jimmy Reuterwall
Jimmy Reuterwall
Co-founder, CEO

Jimmy has a background in product design, engineering and marketing on consumer products since 1999 in startups, creative agencies and corporations in media, internet and telecom industries.

Jimmy studied computer science at the Royal Institute of Tech — Stockholm, Sweden.

CMAS ★ ★ ★ Scuba Diver Dive Marshal

Daniel Reuterwall
Daniel Reuterwall
Co-founder, CTO

Daniel has been working in engineering with content management and web technologies since 2002 in internet, security and energy sectors.

Daniel studied computer science at the Royal Institute of Tech — Stockholm, Sweden.

CMAS ★★ Scuba Diver

Daniel Reuterwall
Fabien Cousteau
Partner and Advisor

As the first grandson of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Fabien spent his early years aboard his famous grandfather’s ship, the Calypso; learning how to scuba dive on his fourth birthday.

Fabien is the founder of the Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center, "OLC".

Aquanaut and Oceanographer

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