Oceans S1 Supersonic

Introducing Oceans S1 Supersonic.

A next-gen dive computer with built-in buddy communications.

Buddy communication.

Ping Using soundless ultrasonic waves, S1 allows you to summon your buddy, dive master or instructor with just a tap of a button.

Then, S1 sends a ping message to each paired dive computer, showing a notification on the display with the name of the diver looking for attention. Now, you will never again miss your buddy's shark sightings.

safety In the same way, S1 will act as virtual lifelineto your buddy, in cases when you need immidiate attention.

All-wireless design.

Oceans S1 Supersonic has an all-wireless design, no cables needed.

Syncing S1 connects via Bluetooth to the Oceans app to automatically import dives into your digital logbook. In the app, you can add location, observations, gear and photos, and share it with friends and the global community.

Charging When your battery is running low, S1 charges wirelessly using any Qi standard charger (not included).

Hi-tech features.

S1 comes loaded with tech that will make a diver's life easier underwater.

Compass Navigate like a pro with the built-in digital 3-axis compass and gyro.

Haptic feedback No more annoying your buddies and wildlife with a constant beeping, the silent haptic feedback notifies you with vibrations when needed.

Hi-res color S1 features a retina class LED color display for a clearer view of your diving adventures.

Calling all divers: buddy comms built-in.

With a push of a button you can ping your buddies using S1's built-in ultrasonic buddy–to–buddy communication features.

Add up to 8 buddies and stay in contact underwater. Haptic feedback and a screen notification of your buddy's name indicates that a ping is sent. Works at a distance of 20m (65ft) or more depending on conditions.


No cables needed, sync and charge wirelessly.

S1 connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to Oceans, the number one discovery and logbook app worldwide. When you're back on dry land, select dives to sync, add location, observations and photos, and share your dive with the world.

Dive profiles, temps, gas mix and buddy pings are imported to Oceans for iOS and Android via Bluetooth. When running low on battery, S1 charges wirelessly using any Qi standard charger.


Navigate like a pro, digital compass included.

S1 includes a digital compass to ease navigation underwater. Just a button push away, a full compass view with bearing, north needle and heading marks guides you during your dive.

Need to find your way back? Select mark to store your heading. A yellow marker indicates your stored direction, and a red marker the reciprocal heading.


Black water diving? Switch on night mode.

To keep night vision intact while diving in darkness, enable Night Mode to limit the display to red hues and save your eyes.

The display is always on in dive mode, but will dim after some time of inactivity to save battery life. To temporarily increase display brightness, simply turn S1 towards you.


Technical Specification.

Dimensions: 60x60x20mm • Weight: 95g
Screen: 2,2” color LED display
Sonar communication (range of 15-20m+/50ft+)
3-axis tilt compensated digital compass • Haptic feedback
Battery: ~10 hours diving • Standby: ~1 year
Qi Wireless charging (Charger not included)
Bluetooth connectivity
Diving algorithm: Buhlmann ZHL-16C with gradient factors
Diving modes: Air, Nitrox (21-40%), Apnea • Altitude diving adjustments
Depth rated to 100m/330ft (Max recommended dive depth 50m/165ft)
Syncing: wireless over Bluetooth to the Oceans iOS/Android app
Internal logbook storage: 500 dives or 80 hours

Oceans S1 Supersonic is sold out.

We are here to help.

To get started with your S1, read the "Getting started" guide included in the box and download the Users Manual for information on how to operate S1 above and below surface.

For support, hit us with an email at team@oceans.io

S1 User's Manual
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